About ME

Hi there !

I’m Moksh Gupta.

Welcome to my blog!

I’d appreciate that you checked out this page.

Now, you must be wondering that

who am I?

I’m an Engineer!

I am Delhi-based Software Developer, Penetration Tester and, Web Developer.

Currently pursuing my B.tech in Computer Science Engineering from NIIT UNIVERSITY.

And as I’ve already mentioned above, I love to do Web-App penetration testing and developing utility software. More of my interest flow towards Artificial Intelligence and CyberSecurity

Also, I love to address people.

Meeting a lot of different people from different places, cultures, backgrounds, accomplishments, etc excites me a lot.

And so I’m always open for talks, discussions & opportunities to conduct workshops.

Apart from this, I am also one of the founding members of the CIIE (Centre for Innovation, Incubation & Entrepreneurship) of NIIT University. Currently, I am also leading this cell, working with budding startups/entrepreneurs and learning from them while helping them grow at the same time.

And so I am planning to start a new blog on entrepreneurship where I will post about my experiences, learnings & understanding of entrepreneurship and startups.

I think that’s enough about me now. But, if you want to know more and connect with me check out these links to my Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter handles or you can even head over to this website.

Now here are some questions that you might ask.

Why did I start this blog?

I started this blog because I wanted to create a platform for myself. I wanted to share what I learn with others and I don’t think that there’d have been any platform better than a blog to do this. And so, this whole thing started.

There is one more reason to it. I have observed that many students don’t have access to education and even those who do, they don’t have access to the right education which actually teaches them something applicable to the real world.

Being an engineering student I have myself experienced this and have seen others struggle too. And so, I think that this blog might help them and that’s essentially the whole idea behind this blog.

What’s the aim behind this blog?

I aim to make a change.

Even if it’s a small one. I mean if someone really interested can get the right education in this field, learn something new and thrilling, add some skills to their technical skillset or implement this knowledge to bug bounty programs and earn something. That’d be really interesting to see!

Also, I wish to aware people about the limits and the capabilities of technology and how to use it more responsibly.

Is there anything I can guarentee you?

Yes. I can guarantee that I will post some really crazy content which would be both theoretical & real-world implementable. I would definitely write articles but will try to embed video practicals also.

How will I be benefited? And the bigger question, how will you be benefited?

I would definitely be benefitted because I will learn more when I will teach more! And the same goes for you as well.

But, I would request you to subscribe to this blog and support it.

And I know that I am not a veteran of this field but let’s share whatever we can give to each other and to the community.

I think this is the start of something big. It’s going to be really interesting.

Thanks for reading this until the end.


Stay tuned;)